Become an ESL Teacher

Obtain a Teaching License with an option for an English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement
If you already have a Bachelor’s degree and wish to become a certified teacher, you can obtain your master’s degree with certification and a specialization in ESL instruction. We recommend the Master of Arts in Teaching with Certification at National Louis University in partnership with National Teacher Education Center (NTEC).

Through this program, certification can be obtained in the following areas:
• Special Education
• Elementary Education

• Biology
• Math

All programs are offered with an option for a Bilingual or an ESL endorsement.

Receive an ESL Teaching Endorsement
If you are a licensed teacher wishing to specialize in English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, you can earn a master’s degree with a concentration in ESL education. We recommend the Master of Arts in Teaching with an ESL endorsement offered by National Louis University in partnership with National Teacher Education Center (NTEC).

The program is offered in a blended online format, with both online instruction and face-to-face seminars offered at convenient locations near you. The blended format allows you a flexible schedule during the day. As part of this program, ESL candidates will take the 18 credits required to earn an ESL endorsement. Candidates for the ESL endorsement in Illinois will need to pass the Target Language Proficiency Exam prior to earning the endorsement. Learn more about the Master of Arts in Teaching with ESL Endorsement.

Writing Better English for ESL Learners

Write in English like a native speaker!. Taking a developmental approach to improvingwriting skills, Writing Better English helps you increase your levels of proficiency in both grammar and vocabulary. Before tackling sentence structures, the book helps you reinforce those grammar elements you may have trouble with, like verb tenses and pronouns. You’ll then expand your written communication abilities through comprehensive explanations, skill-building exercises, and practical writing activities.

McGraw-Hill’s Essential ESL Grammar

Get expert instruction on English basics and a little extra help on the more tricky grammar points. McGraw-Hill’s Essential ESL Grammar does more than cover the basics of English; it pays special attention to those irksome subjects that trouble even native English speakers. Mark Lester, bestselling author of the most widely used college grammar text in the country, has developed an innovative method to help you conquer tricky subjects such as articles, tense, verb complements, word order, and more.